Introduction to HTML created by Neena Dugar

This should take you 2 weeks.

What is HTML?
In this lesson you will learn about HTML and its purpose on the internet.

HTML, the mother tongue of your browser: A brief presentation on HTML from
Simple wikipedia: A plain english explanation of HTML

HTML basics
Here you will learn how to write simple HTML and be able to put together your very first website!

Codecademy's Introduction to HTML: Some exercises on a HTML document's layout and syntax
Introducing HTML Elements: A neat description of HTML elements
What's an attribute?: A definition of an attribute
How to define attributes in HTML: Syntax for defining an attribute in HTML
Codecademy's HTML Glossary: A handy glossary of common elements and tags
Example: Adding an image: This exercise will take you through adding an img tag to a HTML document

The head
All about the head tag on a HTML document

Uses of the head section: How and why is the head section of a HTML used, what does it actually do?
Using Meta Tags : How to use meta tags
Death of a Meta Tag: What are meta tags and how important are they?
Other Head Elements: Other elements that can be used in the head


Project- Create a webpage: From Codecademy

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